Our Services

Grow IT Services and IT Talents from Seeds.

We, Seed Tech Inc. have two main businesses.
1. Seed Tech Lab, a lab-based business co-creation that nurtures IT services from Seeds
2. Seed Tech School, an educational business that nurtures IT talents from Seeds. We will keep providing the world with a stable supply of technology-related seeds (capabilities and resources) and resources for their growth.

Seed Tech Lab

Business Co-Creation Laboratory

Business Co-Creation Lab that provides all the necessary funds, human resources, ideas, and technology

Our dedicated team of tech, design, and business experts will provide comprehensive support for all the processes : idea generation – business design – prototype development – full development – business growth, in order to ensure the success of new business, digital transformation (DX), and product development, Our development model is to engage with a dedicated team of skilled programmers, which is the best development method for new projects. Thinking about “successful services” in the long term while developing is the optimum method for new projects, as it is hard to estimate the time frame and budget.

Only when needed, only the number of professionals needed
These days, service development has been changing at a rapid pace, and development teams need to be scalable. With Seed Tech Lab’s lab-based development, it is possible to assign professionals with the skill sets you are looking for to a team, in as little as a month.
Provide everything you need for development at a lower cost
We can form a team that meets a wide variety of business models and development needs, with Filipino engineers who are fluent in English, PMs who can provide support from the planning stage to the definition of requirements, and bridge SEs who support smooth communication.
Synergy with school business
We are offering a new model, school x lab, against the fact that the shortage of IT human resource becomes a more serious problem, We develop an original curriculum, attract students that meet your requirements, and manage the school, and then hire the trained members to work for us and provide you a full-time development team.

All-in-one Online Store Development

Online store development solution using Shopify

Our Shopify development team provides full support from planning to development. We can handle everything such as developing dedicated functional apps, and customizing design templates which is still rare in Japan.

The world’s No. 1 EC platform
Shopify is an EC platform that has been used by more than 1 million companies in 175 countries around the world. It is an all-in-one platform that provides everything you need to start an online store, including building, inventory, sales management, shipping, marketing, and analytics. Our Filipino development team is able to collect information and develop in English, which enables faster development compared to Japanese companies as the technology of Shopify is from English-speaking countries.
Full support from planning to development by engineers who are familiar with Shopify
As a certified Shopify development partner, our engineers will provide full support from planning to design proposals, list of required functions, online marketing methods, etc. as needed. We can develop a new store or migrate from an existing store, and we will work alongside you to achieve your goals such as opening an online store, increasing sales or expanding sales channels.
Ideal for services with global expansion in mind. Our staff working overseas will support your global expansion.
Our staff will support the global expansion of your service using fully compatible cross-border EC, Shopify, with the experience in overseas business. We can make proposals that match the business practices and business trends that differ from country to country.

Life Shift Platform

IT and Global Human Resource Development Education: Seed Tech School

We develop human resources who can play active roles on the global stage through both programming school and English education. We have more than 2,000 graduates, 30 among them already started their own companies, and our graduates work in 16 different countries around the world.

Online Programming School
Seed Tech Online
We offer two types of courses in line with the purpose of learning programming: “Tenshoku (Career Change) Course” and “Fukugyo (Side Job) Course”. With the offer of career experience and the offer of side jobs, the courses have curriculums that go beyond just learning, which allows students to have skills in a practical setting.
IT Study Abroad in Cebu
In November 2013, we launched the first IT study abroad program in Cebu, and have become the largest Japanese tech school in the Philippines. We offer a special form of “Study Abroad”, “IT x English”, under the supervision of experienced instructors.
Operation of schools on consignment
We have been expanding our school business around the world at an overwhelming speed, where the students can learn global skills through programming and English Taking advantage of our experience from the successful model of school operation in Cebu, we provide the know-how and resources for school operation. Currently, we have three schools in total including Cebu Island in the Philippines and Okinawa Prefecture in Japan, and planning to expand more.